Passion. It’s the reason why our favourite players aren’t always the most talented or well-known on the roster. We are drawn to players who are like us; players that share our excitement for the sport. And for 13 seasons, Steamer laid his heart and soul out on the ice every shift he played, etching his name into the fabric of Vancouver hockey.

A Closer Look: Vancouver Canucks Adizero Jerseys (2017)

After a decade of Reebok, the NHL will finally be getting a three-striped facelift in the 2017-18 season as teams transition to the new Adizero jersey system. We first caught a glimpse of Adidas' first foray into professional hockey during the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. These jerseys (as well as their NHL counterparts) are 19% lighter, 27% strong, and much more breathable than their predecessors.

A Decade of Reebok Edge

Time flies, doesn’t it? It’s been a decade since Reebok first unveiled their new Edge jerseys at the 2007 NHL All Star Game.But as the NHL transitions to the new Adidas jerseys, let’s take a look at the changes Reebok's revolutionary system underwent over the past 10 years.

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