When In Hong Kong

The saying goes: When in Rome, do as Romans do. You know, to blend in when you’re in a new, unfamiliar place. But is it really that simple? When I arrived in Hong Kong for my internship four months ago, adapting to the culture seemed straightforward enough. I began to speak Cantonese more often, ate local food, and even learned to walk with my head buried in my cell phone like everyone else does...

Remembering the 7th Floor Lab

On July 7, I decided to dedicate some real time to work on my Strategy paper, so I headed where I always did when I needed to focus: the 7th floor lab at Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Centre campus. It was a routine perfected over the course of 10 semesters at the school: grab some lunch at the food court downstairs, purchase a drink from Dollarama on my way up the stairs, then head up...

Derek Woo

I am a marketing and human resources graduate from Vancouver, Canada. I created this website to store my thoughts and create content that I hope others will find interesting. Outside of writing and web development, I'm a huge hockey fan, aviation enthusiast, and history buff.


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