Permanently Closed

As you walk in through the side doors just past the old Staples, You are confronted by a vintage 7-Up refrigerator that looks like something you’d find in Wayne’s World or some other quintessentially 90s movie. Then you look towards the counter, drawn to the greasy sizzle of bacon and eggs being fried to a slight char on the stove beneath it. You know that, in a few minutes, a hungry...

Soraidh, SFU

When I began writing this piece, I already knew which picture I wanted to feature. So I scrolled through Google Photos to find it. And kept scrolling. I remember thinking to myself, “no way it was this long ago.” I finally found it in the April 2014 section. Yeah, I guess it really has been that long. Choosing My Path I remember my first-ever class up at Simon Fraser University: the...

Derek Woo

I am a marketing and human resources graduate from Vancouver, Canada. I created this website to store my thoughts and create content that I hope others will find interesting. Outside of writing and web development, I'm a huge hockey fan, aviation enthusiast, and history buff.


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