"quasimodo predicted all this"


Ordinary Things

Despite its banal premise, The Office provided an escapist allure through a well-balanced dichotomy of hopefulness and helplessness. And even years after the series ended, fans continue to follow the tumultuous lives of the employees at Dunder Mifflin.

Vegas, Baby

America is the land of the good life, and Sin City's ultra-luxurious restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs are a testament to its spirit. If New York is the place to chase the Dream, then Las Vegas is the place to live it.

Permanently Closed

There's a special feeling that comes from knowing that others around you have been to the same places you've been and felt the same way you felt. But just how much of a city can be replaced before it ceases to be the same community you know and love?

"it's a locomotive that runs on us"

Derek Woo

The point? Well, mostly to practice my writing and store random thoughts, thanks for asking! And who knows, maybe someone, somewhere will find the information useful. Oh, you meant it as in what's the point? In that case... :\

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