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hi there,my name is derek.i'm here to help you connect with your customers
So you have a great idea...

Now what? Let’s chat about how we can get the word out – to the right people, at the right time.

Through a comprehensive, multi-channeled approach, we’ll work together to find the best way to reach your target audience, keep them engaged, and convert them into loyal clients.

I didn’t know what to expect in preparation for a business start up but Derek was extremely prepared and brought ideas and creativity to the table which helped inspire my work.

– Gabriel Ip, Gabriel Ip Real Estate

Derek is highly data driven and able to make informed decisions on where to move the business based on testing and outcomes. This is why my company has seen significant growth over a short period of time with a very efficient budget.

– Opal Hurteau, Sun Vixen Swimwear

The Process

First things first; let’s find out more about your idea, and the vision you have for the business.

Then, let’s make sure your audience knows exactly what makes you better than everyone else.


Finally, let’s keep people talking as you grow by designing automated, yet personalized touchpoints.

About Me

I’m a digital marketer based in Vancouver, Canada, with experience driving revenue through email marketing and marketing automation.

After completing my degree at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, I wanted to explore my passion for capturing attention in the digital space.  My first opportunity came at the iconic Wedgewood Hotel, where I designed a cross-channel brand experience for our Festive Events, resulting in all-time highs for both room revenue and event attendance.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with wonderful teams across various industries to engage brand audiences and convert them into loyal clients.

When not staring at spreadsheets, I can be found watching hockey, attending airshows and/or visiting museums. I really enjoy sharing my experiences through writing as well, whether going through—in meticulous detail—the Vancouver Canucks’ entire jersey history or lamenting how much the community I grew up in has changed.

Let's Talk

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