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hi there,my name is derek.let's build memorable brand experiences together.

About Me

I’m a digital marketer based in Vancouver, Canada, with experience driving revenue through email marketing and marketing automation.

After completing my degree at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, I wanted to explore my passion for capturing attention in the digital space.  My first opportunity came at the iconic Wedgewood Hotel, where I designed a cross-channel brand experience for our Festive Events, resulting in all-time highs for both room revenue and event attendance.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with teams across various industries, engaging brand audiences by using technology to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

When not diving into the modern MarTech stack, I can be found watching hockey, attending airshows and/or visiting museums. I really enjoy sharing my experiences through writing as well, whether going through—in meticulous detail—the Vancouver Canucks’ entire jersey history or lamenting how much the community I grew up in has changed.

Adobe Marketo Certified Expert
Ceritified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator

Past Projects saw enormous growth during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as a sense of normalcy returned, the Western Canadian e-Grocer needed to remain top-of-mind for customers who might otherwise return to their regular shopping habits.

I designed a system which rolled over between campaign periods which ensured all eligible contacts were added to the program. From there, they were entered into one of four journeys based on demographic and behavioural data, where they receive communications personalized to their previous experience with the brand.

This revamped Winback program was built for scalability from the ground up, and with plenty of room for testing different audiences, content, and incentives. Through its first eight months, it generated over $1.6 million in revenue and won back over 3,500 customers.

Data queries were written in SQL, while additional manipulation was automated through a Python script.

Due to COVID-19 contact tracing regulations, Rocky Mountaineer was required to collect contact information from each guest boarding the luxury train. While the technology team built the systems required, the Marketing team was tasked with weaving relevant messaging into our communications.

For direct guests, I added strategically placed content blocks informing them of the required information needed, which increased in intrusiveness as their travel date drew near. For guests booked through a travel agent, I created a rolling, automated program which checked for bookings with missing details, consolidated this information per agent, and sent a reminder email at set intervals.

The programs were built within Marketo, with dynamic content pulled from custom objects in Salesforce Sales Cloud and added using Velocity Script.

When travel began re-opening after the initial pandemic shock, the Sales Team at Rocky Mountaineer faced a surge of demand for train journeys and requested a method to log non-prioritized requests.

I created a landing page with a form which, upon submit, would add the information to the lead profile and flagged it for follow up. A script was also added to clear the tracking cookie, ensuring the Sales Team Member’s web activity was not logged under the lead profile.

A similar program was also used to build a capture form for special corporate partnerships, which included several content blocks containing offer details and options appearing dynamically based on the company selected.

The forms, landing pages, and automations were built in Marketo, while the script was written in Javascript.

When SMS messaging was identified as a key marketing channel for the company, needed to grow their SMS opt-in lists sustainably while maintaining an excellent subscriber experience.

I reviewed the current outbound campaigns and categorized them based on urgency and time sensitivity. From there, I could make a case for certain ones to be sent through email, SMS, or both based on the strengths of each channel.

Once it was determined which campaigns would be sent through SMS, I created keywords for leads to subscribe, and wove messaging into other touchpoints that built anticipation for the campaign before encouraging them to sign up. Over four months, the SMS marketing list grew by over 54%.

SMS lists and messages were built through EZTexting.

To engage longtime contacts and thank them for their loyalty on an ongoing basis, CaseMogul wanted to send them an exclusive offer on their subscription anniversary date. However, their Email Service Provider (ESP) did not allow for emails to be triggered off of the native “subscribed on” date.

So, I created a custom field to store anniversary dates and backfilled it for existing contacts by uploading their “subscribed on” into the new field. Then, I wrote a script to automatically identify new contacts moving forward and push their “subscribed on” date into the anniversary date field. As a result, CaseMogul now has access to a reliable Anniversary Date field that can be used to trigger emails, personalize copy, and more.

The script was written in Python and configured to run regularly through a cron job using cPanel.

At Ceridian, a vendor partnership was established to implement a high-intent approach for lead generation, in which leads were created only after downloading at least two branded assets from their content network. However, a challenge arose as lead details were only transferred once, regardless of the number of assets downloaded.

To address this, I collaborated with the external vendor to establish standard shortcodes for each asset. These shortcodes enabled the inclusion of detailed download information in the data sent through the Marketo API. I then built a router program that would receive these pushes, search for the shortcode string, interpret them, and distribute the lead for individual processing.

As a result of these efforts, the Sales organization received high-quality leads with comprehensive behavioral and attribution data, including specific assets that had been downloaded through our content partnerships.

The program was built through Adobe Marketo Engage.

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